Getting Married on August 5th 2015, Sturgis South Dakota, left to right, Karin Bates, Heidi, Rev. Roger Wilson, Texas, Jack Jenkins, Scott McPhee

Hi, I'm Texas MacDonald a local guide & outfitter specializing in black bear hunting which was formed in 1972.  I'm located about 40 miles west of Sudbury just off Hwy 17 or 300 miles North West of Toronto or 135 miles East of Sault Ste. Marie (Sault Michigan) on Hwy. 17. Close to the Espanola turn off at hwy 6 and hwy 17.

Since 1972 our very high success rate for black bear hunting is between 75%-100%. We have had a test/pilot spring bear hunt in 2014 and 2015 in selected areas of Ontario and for Ontario Residents only but this YEAR 2016 it is open for BOTH Residents and NON-RESIDENTS. Our spring season had been closed in 1999 due to pressure from the Anti Hunting group but now it's back again for at least 5 years. The spring of 2017 hunt starts on May13th Fall of 2017 hunts start on Sept. 9th.

Because some of the lodge owners are away for the winter months, I am responsible for bookings and payment while they are away, all payments are addressed to me Texas Mac Donald. I'll make sure that the right money and papers go to the right places, This way I can set up hunts well in advance, prevent overcrowding and have a better success rate.

, If you have not hunted with Texas before I am offering a 10% discount for groups of 6 or more. My bear hunting areas at the present time cover parts of 12 townships for an area of over 100,000 acres. Some of this is State land and some is private. I am the only outfitter that can take non-residents out in this area.

You may also hunt Timber Wolf or Coyote starting Sept 15th during Bear Season with the purchase of a non-resident small game license the $123.19 and a $274.67 wolf tag. No additional charge for guiding service, (possible changes in 2017)

I make use of all the local resources to the clients best advantage, whatever you want I'll do my best to provide, so you will have a really great time.

Additional references available upon request. (some are on page 4) any other information you might need just ask, and I'll do the best that I can to make your hunt one to remember.

Come on up & lets do some hunting. Texas MacDonald