The Fall hunts sure fly by, In the Resident only Spring hunt i had 6 hunters and we got 5 nice bear, The fall hunt 8 male hunters and 2 ladies and they got 9 bears total with both of the ladies being successful . The largest bear dressed over 300 pounds.

If any one has a television show that is interested in doing a bear hunting show using turn of the century firearms (cartridge guns rather than muzzleloaders) for the show i would be very very interested in helping out. I have a few old ones that would be great to use. Let me know what you would like to do.Thanks Texas."

I've not raised my prices up in several years now and this year after the end of May if you have not sent in a deposit it will be up an extra $100. The cost of everything just keeps rising.

2016 Prices including HK cottage, Boat and Motor are:

  • 1 Person-----$1,230 + $63.00 Tax= $1,293.00
  • 2 People-----$1,180 + $55.50 Tax = $1,235.50 (each)
  • 3 People-----$1.130 + $48.00 Tax = $1,178.00 (each)
  • 4-7 People-----$1,080 + $40.50 Tax = $1,120.50 (each)
  • 8- People or more take off $100.00 each

    Starting in the Spring of 2016 the MNR has restricted all across Ontario the amount of form 33's that the Outfitter can issue to Non-Resident Bear Hunters so book early to avoid being left out of a hunt. A form 33 is a required part of your Non Resident Bear Hunting License, Does not apply to Ont. Residents"

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